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3 October 2013 Recent Update #1 June-Aug 2013 “HIS Appointment in our disappointments!”

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I am sending a few pictures to update you on things that have been happening in our lives! Since we left Zimbabwe in early May, and South Africa in late May we have had an Amazing time in England, France, and Pemba, Mozambique!

We have led many meetings, mostly in England, and some in France too..and have had some absolutely amazing miraculous encounters, as GOD led us from Sheffield-Southampton, UK w/ many places in between, we are very excited about a base for us in Europe in the near future, and all HE will do there!

Also, Brian just attended our Global Leaders Meetings in Pemba, MOZ! The meetings were historic and amazing! Now the rest of the family has joined me and we are going to Dondo, Mozambique, as about 20 of our main and future leaders from ZIM will meet us for our First ever School of Revival!

SO we are so happy to travel and meet many of our leaders as they make their way to Dondo in the centre of Mozambique! The road for us is a bit dangerous, especially the day after tomorrow we will travel via convoy for a while! PLEASE PRAY FOR US!

The School took place 17-30 August, and we ask you to pray as we believe GOD to pull this school off!

It is wonderful to all get back together after I was in Africa for almost 3 weeks as the family finished their time in UK!

We are really looking forward to hopefully return to ZIM after that.

Brian is looking to return to UK after that to look and pray into a base there more, and speaking in several other places blowing the trumpet of REVIVAL in UK!



Love to you all!!! the Jourdens