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6 September 2011 Don’t Live in the Past…But Remember Your Victories!

I recently wrote this for our blogger at I used to have all the prophecies over my life that I had recalled in a season of reflection in 2010. Then I had my computer stolen a few months ago and for a while I let it all go. Then today I woke 11 August 2011 and GOD told me to not live in the past, but relish, rejoice in, remember, soak myself in the victories! There is a sheer power in the testimony…encounter, and really seeing things manifest and come to pass in our lives is a must! A person...

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11 May 2011 Current Prayer List and Thanks!

Hey everyone, First I want to thank the people who let us know when they were going to pray. That is such a blessing and encouragement to know that!!! If there are any others, please let us know. Thanks! We are currently on a ministry trip with a team of six to the southern large city in Zim, Bulawayo! It is an awesome team and we have had a great trip so far! Friday night I (Brian) got to speak at a HIP HOP HOLY GHOST party for different youth in the area. Most were from churches, but four people gave their...

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