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23 November 2013 Outstanding Revival and Impartation Visit from Surprise Sithole in Early November

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After several months out we returned, and then had our awesome Global Church Director (and one of our closest friends) Pastor Surprise! It was so wonderful to share being together in Zim, and what has been going on there in the past years of ministry! A BIG thanks for the Iris South Africa White River/Nelspruit Base working together to make this happen! We are ONE Family!!!

HARARE (North Capital)

First we were in the capital Harare and had an amazing HOLY SPIRIT Night Pamela and I hosted w/ several of our friend’s churches. A friend of ours church River of Life was a great location! It was one of the most amazing and I believe important nights of ministry I have ever been a part of! It was so special to have Surprise and our team minister!! So many churches, and hunger, unity, HOLY GHOST Activity!…Some people were there for about 6 hours on a Tuesday night! Next we went to our church and School in the Dirt (Shumba Primary School) and had an amazing day in the dirt…going through many things, and then Braai time (BBQ)! We also had an amazing 4 hour meeting w/ the founder of Foundations for Farming (Farming GOD”s Way) about the future of revival, living out Isaiah 58, and feeding the world in the future from Africa!!! Some of our team from East Zimbabwe came to take part as well! Surprise, myself, and one of our new network friends Pastor Malatino even got to bless and pray with one of the newly elected leaders before leaving to a conference 300 KM south of Harare!

GWERU (Midlands)

Here we had an amazing Conference hosted by Pastor Malatino and his team! And we also got to stay w/ some friends at the main Lion Reserve Game Park in Africa! Which in Surprise’s words was “Heaven on Earth,” called Antelope Park! Friday night was amazing as Surprise brought the fire and impartation to many before us leaving early the next morning to Harare for him to fly out. I picked up several things to take driving to South Africa, and then drove back late that night to finish the Preaching at the conference on Sunday Morning! It was a wonderful time, and a wonderful outreach team from the Strong base Surprise runs in White River/Nelspruit was there to celebrate and Braai again as we closed out our time together!

Our leader from Bulawayo (South Zim) was also able to attend!

It was a very significant trip and the impact in Zimbabwe and the Churches that are part of Iris, and many others as well we will see much fruit we believe in the future!!!