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4 April 2014 Harvest in Witch Training Town! Healing of Poisoned Youth Leader!

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Chipinge, a small town near the Zimbabwe and Mozambican border is quite famous for a strange and dark reason… the training of witch doctors. Darkness and fear seem to rule the atmosphere.

Last month our youngest pastor, Ngoni Toriro, decided to walk in there like a son of the KING, and invade the darkness and bring the light of Jesus. He and another Christian brother organized an outreach not knowing what to expect. They decided to do a gospel crusade and saw several hundred people attending the crusade. By the end of it there were 244 decisions for Christ!!! WOW, God continues to blow our minds! Many new souls are now in the Kingdom and light is shining on Chipinge. Darkness flees when light shines!!!

The Mirror Bible is a popular new translation going internationally from here in the Cape Town area of South Africa. Iris Zimbabwe Pastor, Shelton Mudyaro has been asked by the Mirror Bible Founder Francios Du Toit to translate it into Shona (the main language of Zimbabwe! What an honor!!! He has been working hard on translation of the books of the New Testament Mirror Bible over the last year into Shona. This will be a significant tool for the everyday believer in Zimbabwe, as it “mirrors” the original Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.

Melody Toriro, an Iris Zimbabwe youth leader was poisoned last week. We are not sure how it happened or why, but she was rushed to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with poison. Many people around the world began praying for her, and now she is completely healed!!!

Lastly, thanks for the many who prayed for and blessed our recent move to Muizenberg, (southern suburb of Cape Town) in South Africa, it has been wonderful. We believe this strategic move is going to produce 100 fold harvest for Him in Zimbabwe, and the nations! Thanks so much! After almost a year of moving around it is so wonderful to have our family back in a home!

For Zimbabwe.. and Global Revival!!!