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6 September 2011 Don’t Live in the Past…But Remember Your Victories!

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I used to have all the prophecies over my life that I had recalled in a season of reflection in 2010. Then I had my computer stolen a few months ago and for a while I let it all go. Then today I woke 11 August 2011 and GOD told me to not live in the past, but relish, rejoice in, remember, soak myself in the victories!

There is a sheer power in the testimony…encounter, and really seeing things manifest and come to pass in our lives is a must!

A person that I learn from and quote often is Bill Johnson… and he believes that teaching truths about GOD without an encounter leads to spiritual pride. That statement really makes one think if they will take it seriously, and when uncovering the layers of it I have found it to be amazingly true.

Remembering the victories and encounters we have had with our FATHER and KING is so important to move into the destiny that is in us that all creation groans for!

Yesterday, I was having a good day..trying to really enjoy and focus on my last full day with my firstborn son, as he will travel for two months to a youth conference and to stay with loved ones in UK. It is wonderful but difficult as he spreads his wings like this for the first time at the age of 16. Then some people came over to meet us, and in the course of our sharing in fellowship and prophecy in the joy of the LORD as HOLY SPIRIT was having a blast with us, I started challenging one of them in the life of faith. I remembered an amazing testimony of a trip last year that GOD opened such amazing supernatural doors, and provided so much in such miraculous ways! I was really excited now about remembering this victory. It was such a breath of huge proportion straight from Heaven to my sails, that I felt like a conquering son that was made for even greater things–made to win! I am in a place where the needs of our ministry and family seem greater than ever. I have been very tempted to waver in my faith as the mountain seems so huge and the race almost impossible to win! So did I ever need this visit to stir up the destiny that is in me for even greater things than what we have seen to take place!

A friend of mine in Los Angeles, Shawn Bolz, is a prophet and has an awesome ministry there. Once he was teaching on the prophetic, but was talking about running to win. I have heard and have gotten a lot of prophetic stuff for others over the past few years, but even the title of this message really caught my attention–we are made for that! As prophetic people in these key times, we must keep that message ever before ourselves!! GOD is asking for more faith, and HIS Kingdom is expanding every day. It’s increase we will know no end! So as HE asks us to do things that seem impossible, even more impossible than the impossible thing HE did a few months ago, we must remember the victories that spur us on.