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11 May 2011 Current Prayer List and Thanks!

Hey everyone,

First I want to thank the people who let us know when they were going to pray. That is such a blessing and encouragement to know that!!! If there are any others, please let us know. Thanks!

We are currently on a ministry trip with a team of six to the southern large city in Zim, Bulawayo! It is an awesome team and we have had a great trip so far! Friday night I (Brian) got to speak at a HIP HOP HOLY GHOST party for different youth in the area. Most were from churches, but four people gave their lives to JESUS & many got ROCKED by the HOLY GHOST!!! It was so fun!

Then on Saturday and Sunday we did services and trainings at our two churches in Caudry Park (new plant) and Barbourfields (1 yr. old). We had a blast training and imparting all the KINGDOM has for the two churches, and ordaining our Pastor of the two churches. What a wild release especially today on Sunday!

Please pray for the rest of our team.